open rigging guide

putting this together for the new owner of sluff.  It’s basically a rigging guide for an open5.7o in pictures, some of which are NOT for the OD rules, but make the boat much easier to sail.

open 5.70: SOLD!

We’re selling sluff.  Basically it comes down to there being 3 vipers in town now and we’d make the 4th.  There are a few other people talking vipers right now as well so next summer look like it has potential for a viper OD fleet in Newport, but at the very least we’d be sailing against other boats that were the same under PHRF which will be awesome.  We really wish we could keep the open as well because it’s a better daysailing boat, at least for us, because it’s so much more stable, but we can only fund ONE fun sailboat right now.  So sluff is officially for sail!  Here’s what’s included:

  • 1 white open 5.70 (duh!)
  • 1 set of used OD sails (main, jib, spinnaker)
  • 1 masthead spinnaker
  • rig has been modified to include upper shrouds and running backstays to support the bigger spinnaker (all can be easily removed for OD racing)
  • keel crane (makes either style launching very easy)
  • lifting straps (needed for hoist launching)
  • outboard bracket
  • trailer with mast support, spare tire and light/license bar (allows you to never put the lights in the water!)
  • main cover
  • jib cover
  • padded rudder bag
  • velocitek
  • mainsheet with cleat on the boom (can be removed for OD racing)
  • traveler on side tanks (can be removed for OD racing)

All the modifications to the rigging were done to make sailing with my 64y/o father easier.  Everything can be put back to the OD layout for OD racing w/o much effort.  The mast head spinnaker makes PHRF racing possible (the stock kite is small and likes to reach in light air).  The boat is completely ready to sail.  The boat is located in Newport RI.  CONTACT ME USING THIS PAGE!!!! Call 401-862-7255, email benjaminbjacobsen (at) The boat is sold.

Here’s a recent video:

and some more video links:


it’s the kite Winn (layline) had made so he could manage PHRF in GA that lost him his dealership rights.  Jerome/Philleas got so upset they wouldn’t let him sell boats (even though he NEVER said anything about it online) and they even went so far as to mandate him removing it from his own boat when he sold it.  We heard about it when we talked to him about our poor PHRF performance in light air (we bought our open from him) and once he sold the boat we asked what the sail’s status was.  He basically sent it up to us just so we could see if we liked it which we do so we both win!

It’s a shur (sp) sail.  It’s VERY MUCH a VMG runner.  If you watch the video we’re sailing it pretty “tight” there and are lower and faster than the SB3.  Granted we were both not racing and out having fun/drinking, so this wasn’t an honest/serious matchup, but considering that was the east coast laser rep driving and 2 shop boys, I doubt they didn’t want to beat us…  It was blowing maybe ~8kt and we were doing ~6kt against a VERY strong tide…  It’s funny looking back at the video when my crew (who’d never sailed before in his life) walks aft to see our wake -vs- the wind on the water.  :blink:   The guy I was sailing with is a navy sonar tech, so he know’s his angles and he agreed we were consistently faster and lower than the SB3.  We both also guesstimated our gybing angles around 45º which is a huge improvement from the little kite.

The rig is basically a set of cap shrouds that go up from the aft hole on the chainplate.  There’s a bigger shackle there that pins the shroud, the spin sheets shackle to it, and you lift the boat with it (we had a larger shackle there already so we could lift w/o taking off the spin gear, but this is the next size up to get the right pin diameter).  From there it’s 2 tangs near the top of the mast and a halyard on a string (if you’ve seen an open rig it’s the same string setup as the other halyard so it can rotate) as well as a metal plate that rotates off the top of the mast.  Unfortunately, because we put everything together the night we raced we took NO pics of the top of the mast, but I’ll try to snag some next week with a tele on the hill near the boat.  We are considering runners so we can just use this chute all the time as this setup probably isn’t far enough back in the boat if the breeze comes on.

Mach 6.50 vid

found a new sick Mach 6.50 video:

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saw this in a yachting world a while ago, but now it also popped up on…  The DSS guys have a horizontal foil that increases lift on the low side reducing heel.  This in turn means less lead and or more sail area as well as a more stable ride.  Well they now have a site up and are working on a production boat…

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here’s a link to their site:

LinQ CQ-6


found this on the other day, but they’ve finally updated their website with some shots and a video and the video’s on youtube as well (so I can share it here).  This looks like an open with a refreshed hull (chines) as well as a carbon rig, slightly bigger main (228sf -vs- 200sf on the open) AND A CANTING KEEL!!!  The put on daggerboard on centerline in front of the canter which makes that easy.  Not sure how they’re moving the keel yet, but it’s push botton so it’s got to be something you need to deal with (meaning fuel or charging over a mechanical/winch system).  The jib still furls and looks great and the kite is much bigger than our opens (549sf -vs- 378sf).  They claim it’s beating a ton of sportboats and they’ve only found 2 boats that can match it (which I would beleive).

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Melges launches the first 20!

11-10.jpg Well the first melges 20 is out sailing.  Not sure where this is even (somewhere in Asia).  But the first boat looks promising.  Although it’s not much different than a SB3, but SB3s are nice boats, and this looks to be a more modern take on the same idea.  It’ll be very interesting to see the price they land on as they’ve said “under $40k” and to see what happens to the SB3 price if that’s the case.  I can’t imagine people buying the SB3 for the same prices as this if they’re in a market w/o a OD fleet of SB3s (ie anywhere besides the UK).

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Another cool new design I ran into online is the k650.  It’s very V70 looking IMHO which is never a bad thing.  They’ve also got a chine to reduce wetted surface.  They also claim the keel is sans bulb to reduce wetted surface area, but I can only imagine a bulb wouldn’t be much different that a fin that long considering the bulb would make for a shorter fin.  It does look like an awesome boat being that tall and deep, but honestly I wonder how fast it will be if it really comes in at 1,683 lbs?

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