Monthly Archive for July, 2008

Melges launches the first 20!

11-10.jpg Well the first melges 20 is out sailing.  Not sure where this is even (somewhere in Asia).  But the first boat looks promising.  Although it’s not much different than a SB3, but SB3s are nice boats, and this looks to be a more modern take on the same idea.  It’ll be very interesting to see the price they land on as they’ve said “under $40k” and to see what happens to the SB3 price if that’s the case.  I can’t imagine people buying the SB3 for the same prices as this if they’re in a market w/o a OD fleet of SB3s (ie anywhere besides the UK).

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Another cool new design I ran into online is the k650.  It’s very V70 looking IMHO which is never a bad thing.  They’ve also got a chine to reduce wetted surface.  They also claim the keel is sans bulb to reduce wetted surface area, but I can only imagine a bulb wouldn’t be much different that a fin that long considering the bulb would make for a shorter fin.  It does look like an awesome boat being that tall and deep, but honestly I wonder how fast it will be if it really comes in at 1,683 lbs?

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Mach 6.5


Here’s another interesting boat I stumbled upon online.  I can’t even find any videos of it on youtube and their photos aren’t very good.  But it’s a very interesting little boat.  It’s similar to the open except that is has chines aft to reduce wetted surface (a good thing).  The keel is also very interesting in that it swings aft instead of the typical through the hull dagger/keel setup we see on most sportboats.  The pole is also atypical in that it doesn’t go through the hull (a good thing, but ugly) and it also articulates helping the boat sail lower off the wind.

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