Monthly Archive for February, 2009

LinQ CQ-6


found this on the other day, but they’ve finally updated their website with some shots and a video and the video’s on youtube as well (so I can share it here).  This looks like an open with a refreshed hull (chines) as well as a carbon rig, slightly bigger main (228sf -vs- 200sf on the open) AND A CANTING KEEL!!!  The put on daggerboard on centerline in front of the canter which makes that easy.  Not sure how they’re moving the keel yet, but it’s push botton so it’s got to be something you need to deal with (meaning fuel or charging over a mechanical/winch system).  The jib still furls and looks great and the kite is much bigger than our opens (549sf -vs- 378sf).  They claim it’s beating a ton of sportboats and they’ve only found 2 boats that can match it (which I would beleive).

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