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bongo1stshoot016.jpg The bongo is another interesting boat. It’s nothing we would consider for actually racing for me and Dad as we’d be way too heavy, but it’s a fun concept. It’s a 15′ sportboat designed by Paul Cronin. He’s from RI and kept a Bongo at Sail Newport while I had my Vector there. The concept here is a inexpensive 15′ sportboat for one. The idea is really fantastic, but the execution leaves a bit lacking for me.

First the jib was clearly and afterthought. I saw the boat in development w/o a jib, and I think the original boats were sold initially with only mains and spinnakers. When the jib was added, it was done so in a way that makes it look like and afterthought unfortunately. My issue is the sailplan upwind looks a bit odd. The main dominates it and the jib just looks too small. Continue reading ‘Bongo’