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A tail of 2 pumas!


Both Pumas are sitting in the water now.  The new boat was delivered sometime this week I believe.  It’s very interesting to be able to see the 2 generations side by side on the dock.  At first glance they’re very similar.  But after drooling on them for a bit, it’s fun to see what’s been changed.  The chine is much more distinct on the new boat.  It looks wider aft, but the wetted surface is actually less on the waterline aft.  The cockpit has been reworked.  The paint job on the new boat is quite sexy, the carbon has been left with a clearcoat for most of what looks black.  I wish the crew the best, can’t wait to see what sort of numbers the new boats can do in 24hours.  Bermuda in a day?

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Got to see numbers down at American today.  It’s a pretty incredible boat.  I can only imagine what something like this costs, especially considering it’s a privateer boat.  Seems to be getting a bit of work done.  The keep is getting something done around the top of the fin.  Can’t really see it well as you’re around 20′ below it when it’s out of the water with the keep down!  They also have the motor dropped out of it’s box and the rig is out where you can check it out.  The rig is rather interesting as it’s very “slick”.  They’ve reduced it’s windage as much as possible.  It also looks to have halyard locks at the sheaves for each halyard which is interesting.  It’s also got a finish on it that looks like aluminum, but it’s definately carbon.

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