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Laser SB3

aaw.jpg Another option for us is the Laser SB3. This boat has been a huge success over in the UK, and Vanguard was finally bought out by the UK laser people, so we’re now getting them in the US this year. I’ve seen 2 parked behind Vanguard already last fall and I’ve seen one out doing some test sailing in Newport. I’ve been in contact with their salesperson and I’m eagerly awaiting a May test sail.

The boat is pretty interesting. It’s a big heavier than the other options and has a huge kite to make up for it. There are strict no hiking rules which sound promising for sailing it with 2 or even 1 for fun. The biggest issue we have is the ~$40k pricetag. It’s a nice boat, but it’s old technology (no carbon, old construction, etc). Continue reading ‘Laser SB3′

SB3s at Vanguard.

100_1989.jpg I originally posted this back in August 2007 on my personal blog. But it really belongs here, but I’ll put it’s date as when I’m copying it since this site started in April 2008….

It was in sailing world in the spring. And as a subscriber to UK’s Yachting World I’ve read all about them at Cowes week. I’ve gone as far as to fill in my US address into the UK VW Touareg site in order to get a DVD on them (it worked!)… Well they are finally in the states. Yarrow and I were trying to get out on the water to go I-14 sailing on Saturday but needed a universal. West was sold out so up to Vanguard we went. I’d heard on Sailing Anarchy that there were SB3s “here” but no one could confirm that… So I asked in the shop and after a bit of pressing, yes they were here, 2 brand new SB3 (on UK non US street legal trailers even)! I asked about getting a ride and couldn’t get a confirmed date. Just that they would be down at sail Newport for a Thursday night to show off. I’ll be trying to get a ride on one ASAP. I also asked about boat shows and it seems Vanguard wants them to be the hit of the show at Annapolis, but I wonder why it can’t be the hit of both boat shows… Or at least be here for serious inquiries to get a test sail…

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