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Melges 17

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         The melges 17 is another cool little boat.  It’s not on our list for 2 main reasons.  The first is that it’s basically a dingy because (like all scows) there is no ballast.  So you’re hiking to keep it flat.  Second, is also because of the round nose all scows have.  So basically, if it wasn’t a scow, it would be close to perfect for us.

What it is though is an awesome little boat for 2 people to rip in.  It’s got a huge asymmetrical spinnaker with a chute tube and a roller furling jib so it’s very easy to handle.  Weighing in at only 300lbs, it looks to be a screamer.  I’d love to get out on one, but it seems we never see any scows here in RI.  Too bad really because I’d bet they would be perfect in the bay.

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