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Melges launches the first 20!

11-10.jpg Well the first melges 20 is out sailing.  Not sure where this is even (somewhere in Asia).  But the first boat looks promising.  Although it’s not much different than a SB3, but SB3s are nice boats, and this looks to be a more modern take on the same idea.  It’ll be very interesting to see the price they land on as they’ve said “under $40k” and to see what happens to the SB3 price if that’s the case.  I can’t imagine people buying the SB3 for the same prices as this if they’re in a market w/o a OD fleet of SB3s (ie anywhere besides the UK).

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Melges20 first hull.


Melges has their first 20 out of the molds. It looks like a melges, but it’s also interesting to see the hard chine placement in the back. I’m really looking forward to seeing one put together so see how it really sails and how their idea comes together. Should be a few months before they have one on the water I’d imagine.

You can go to to checkout the gallery there, or click below to see the images here.

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Melges 20

Microsoft Word - MANUEL OPEN 5.70 2007 The other interesting new boat is the Melges 20. It’s not even out yet, but it’s still very promising. Rumor has it it’s come into existence just because the SB3 is being sold direct from the factory… Melges is a Vanguard dealer. Vanguard opted to sell the SB3 direct in order to offer it at a more competitive price. Well Melges didn’t like that idea as they’re one of Vanguards better dealers, so they decided to build a better mousetrap. The interesting thing about that is everyone complains that the SB3 is overpriced since it’s old technology. It’s said you’re paying for the marketing behind the boat, and that Laser is getting a hefty margin on it. Well melges has gone out and designed a boat that on paper is very similar to the SB3. Sit in, no hiking asym screamer. But theirs is all high tech, and their prices is the same exact price ($39,999!). Hmmmmm…. Continue reading ‘Melges 20′