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Vanguard Vector

29413851.jpg One of the boats we used to own was a Vanguard Vector. It’s definately not a sportboat. It’s a skiff. Nikki and I had a blast on this boat, but it was very wet and a lot of work. It’s a dual trapeze boat designed to be between a 29er and 49er with the ideal crew weight around 300lbs. The boat was rigged very well (simply), but it did have one huge design flaw in my mind.

The huge design flaw was that it would tip over at the dock WITHOUT any sails up. I know it’s because it’s a rounded narrow hull and a tall rig. As soon as the rig would lean over the water over the boat went. In less than 5 seconds unattended the boat would be on it’s side. Continue reading ‘Vanguard Vector’