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Viper 830

viper.jpg Our last boat was a viper 830. My Dad and I decided to sell the etchells and vector to get the viper as a fun boat to sail together (I hated the etchells downwind and he couldn’t sail on the vector). So we looked into some sportboats and the viper was our solution. We ended up tracking down High Voltage in Ohio and bought it and drove it home. The boat is a lot of fun, and can be very fast (our speed record was ~26kts, we know the speed-o was a little high, but it was probably a 20kt run).

Of course no boat is perfect and the viper was no different in that regard. First we had to stiffen up the doghouse of the boat, as it would flex when you stood on it. Second the pintle was loose and we had to cut it off the boat to fix it. Nothing serious. We also added a forward hatch for setting and dousing the spinnaker which was very nice. Continue reading ‘Viper 830′