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1156055940_883d85e311.jpg Another motorboat option I’ve fallen in love with is the Taiwanese longtail design.  I’ve never seen on in person (which probably adds to the appeal to me) but they look to be a similar skiff design to the Caribbean skiffs with a deep V bow and a flat aft section for planing.  I love the old look to them with the stem at the bow.  I also love the look of the covered read section aft.  I’d love to built one (or modify a caribiana skiff?) with a hard dodger/bimini in the rear.  Something to keep the sun off, but that’s also durable enough I don’t have to worry about it in a breeze.  If I could stand on it it would be even better as I’d love to be able to shoot some sailing shots slightly elevated like that.  Something to think about.

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Caribiana Skiff

hull7_sig_fast.jpg A Motor boat? What gives? Yes, it’s a motorboat, deal with it. We also fish and lobster as well as enjoy the occasional cruise around the harbor or anywhere else. We’re looking for a nice small powerboat. We want something that can be powered by around 50hp and won’t kill us on fuel costs. We’d also like to be able to tow it with a normal car (<2,000lbs total, ideally closer to the 1k mark). Continue reading ‘Caribiana Skiff’