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Viper 640 test sail

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA This was originally posted on my personal blog on September 9th, 2007. I’ve put it up here with today’s date since it would mess up the archive here to backdate it. Enjoy!

We’re working on selling our Viper 830. We want to get into something a bit smaller to facilitate rigging and sailing with less people. The 830 requires at least 3 people to rig and or sail and a truck to move due to it’s 2,200lb weight. The Viper 640 is one of the top options for something in the 20′ range as a replacement (the Melges 20, Laser SB3, and Open 5.70 are the other options). I got a chance to go up to Marblehead on Saturday and race 3 fall series races with a few of the boats. It’s a very relaxed series in the fall with only a few boats going out (but 20+ Sonars due to their upcoming worlds) but it was still a blast. I had contacted Justin Scott, the class president and asked when he could get me out on the boat. Saturday worked and we had a great time. 3 races, we got a 1st (we think the finish was +- 2′ between us and second!), a wire to wire first, and a wire to wire second. It was a great time, and they are fantastic little boats. It was interesting to see how much work hiking is again (you actively hike upwind, even in the ~12knots true we had). Continue reading ‘Viper 640 test sail’