Mach 6.5


Here’s another interesting boat I stumbled upon online.  I can’t even find any videos of it on youtube and their photos aren’t very good.  But it’s a very interesting little boat.  It’s similar to the open except that is has chines aft to reduce wetted surface (a good thing).  The keel is also very interesting in that it swings aft instead of the typical through the hull dagger/keel setup we see on most sportboats.  The pole is also atypical in that it doesn’t go through the hull (a good thing, but ugly) and it also articulates helping the boat sail lower off the wind.

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First Tuesday night race…


Raced sluff for the first time last night. It was the last race of the spring series. Yarrow offered to help me as Dad’s “stuck” delivering avalanche right now. We haven’t gotten our real rating yet from PHRF (they’re having a meeting for us this week) so they gave us a provisional rating of 108… :lol: It’s funny because that’s way too low IMHO (the open rates 130~156 in other regions). I’m sure they’re just being cautious for now. Regardless it looked to be a perfect night, but the wind dropped from 10~15 before the race to 5~8 for the race. Light air isn’t fun for me ever, but our boat will not sail to it’s eventual rating, never mind 108 in light air. We still had a great night and a ton of fun. Going sailing, getting around a course, and NOT breaking anything are always good things. It’s also the first time I’ve moved the boat with my car which felt great.

Solo open…

We normally sail Tuesday nights, but I couldn’t last night so I went tonight. I also didn’t manage to track down crew in time (part of the reason we wanted a smaller boat) so I decided to sail alone. I ended up ramp launching the boat alone (first time ramp launching, and first time sailing alone in the open) and it was quite easy. Honestly the only concern at all was the water depth which was just enough. Once I was set, I took off out of Newport and sailed down to where the NYC RC was near Rose and gybed right in front of them (in case I didn’t something stupid). Then back over to goat, then I took the chute down and went back up towards clingstone. From there is was one more chute run back towards Rose/Goat and back to the dock.

It was blowing anywhere from 12~18kt I’d say. It was basically our usual Tuesday winds, but with a few stronger puffs. The boat sails very well with just one person. You can hike all you want, or sit there and enjoy it w/o working if you like. The tide was coming in and I was hitting 5~5.5 upwind (into the current) and 8~9.5 downwind with the tide easily. It was a great night. My max speed for the night was 11.4kts and my best 10 second average was 11.1kts. Not bad I’d say… I managed to get 2 videos on the way out of the harbor while I was still in the lee of the fort:

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the sportboat spreadsheet.


I’ve been keeping a spreadsheet with the stats on the sportboats I’ve been looking at as well as some reference boats (our old boats, know other boats on the water). Some of the guys on also have sheets so we started sharing and combining sheets. I’m posting the file here as a better way to keep it updated. If you’d like you boat added, post it’s stats as a comment. As this grows I’ll eventually link to the file, but I’d like to fill in most of the blanks first.

Thanks for any info you can share.

We bought an Open!


Well we decided to get the open. The test sail confirmed everything we thought looked good on paper. Layline happened to have a white hull in stock and honored the new American pricing even though it’s a French built boat. They also happened to be coming north to Annapolis for a regatta so the dragged the boat up with them. My parents took a drive down to Annapolis on Thursday to pick it up. They had horrible weather down there so my parents decided to stay through Saturday morning. We rigged the boat Saturday night in around 2 hours (not bad for a brand new boat). Unfortunately mothers day kept us off the water Sunday. Continue reading ‘We bought an Open!’

Open 5.70 test sail!


We finally got out on an Open 5.70 today. Brendan met us down at Sail Newport at 11:30 in the morning. We had the boat rigged and floating by 12:45 with a health dose of “what’s this do” along with “where’s this go?” and general BSing/introductions (we actually know Brendan from racing etchells agaisnt each other ~10 years ago now). Honestly it’s VERY EASY to rig these things, even clueless, but with 4 people and only one with a clue of what was what, we had it all together and splashed in 1:15 which is very reasonable IMHO. It’s easy to see if you knew what you were doing and not BSing, it’s a half hours job. We also hand pushed it to the lift to see how easy that is and how light the boat is. Everything worked very well. We hoist launched it with the keel puller in place.
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A tail of 2 pumas!


Both Pumas are sitting in the water now.  The new boat was delivered sometime this week I believe.  It’s very interesting to be able to see the 2 generations side by side on the dock.  At first glance they’re very similar.  But after drooling on them for a bit, it’s fun to see what’s been changed.  The chine is much more distinct on the new boat.  It looks wider aft, but the wetted surface is actually less on the waterline aft.  The cockpit has been reworked.  The paint job on the new boat is quite sexy, the carbon has been left with a clearcoat for most of what looks black.  I wish the crew the best, can’t wait to see what sort of numbers the new boats can do in 24hours.  Bermuda in a day?

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Got to see numbers down at American today.  It’s a pretty incredible boat.  I can only imagine what something like this costs, especially considering it’s a privateer boat.  Seems to be getting a bit of work done.  The keep is getting something done around the top of the fin.  Can’t really see it well as you’re around 20′ below it when it’s out of the water with the keep down!  They also have the motor dropped out of it’s box and the rig is out where you can check it out.  The rig is rather interesting as it’s very “slick”.  They’ve reduced it’s windage as much as possible.  It also looks to have halyard locks at the sheaves for each halyard which is interesting.  It’s also got a finish on it that looks like aluminum, but it’s definately carbon.

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